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From Roommates to Romance in 20 Minutes Per Week Monthly Membership Program


Monthly Fee


-Weekly Video

Each week you will get a video from us (Chris and Megan Rea) teaching you how to: 

  • Have Better Communication and Listening Skills
  • More Adventure, Fun, and Laughter
  • Feeling Connected, Understood, and Pursued by Your Spouse
  • More Romance, Passion, and Sexual Fulfillment 
  • A Life with Less Stress and More Time for Each Other

Reflection Questions

You will receive a downloadable PDF with discussion questions for you and your spouse.

Weekly Challenge

Each week we will have a challenge for you and your spouse to complete.

You can cancel your membership at anytime.

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How to Cut Through the Conflict and Get What You Need From Your Spouse




Session 1: How to communicate effectively without starting a huge fight

Session 2: The key to unlocking your man's heart.

Session 3: The key to unlocking your wife's respect and passion for you.

Session 4: 6 key steps to seeking and granting forgiveness.

Session 5: How to create a life-long bond.

Each session has a an engaging and informative video to watch and a strategic discussion guide

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Make Love Work Master Class


-Make Love Work Master Class.

Lifetime access to our 6 module  Marriage Course. Comes with 26 videos, reflection questions, and couples projects.

Module 1: What to do When Your Spouse and Your Love Changes Over Time

Module 2: How to Resolve Conflict Quickly and Get What You Need From Your Spouse

Module 3: How to Fall Back In Love With Your Spouse

Module 4: How to Have More Passion and Great Sex With Your Spouse 

Module 5: How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Module 6: How Feel, Connected, Pursued, and Understood by Your Spouse

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Premarital Course and Counseling


-Make Love Work Master Class (premarital edition)

Lifetime access to our 6 module Marriage Course. Designed for you to go through over a 6 week period of time.

- Personal assessment of your relationship with a custom report of your strength and growth areas.

- Analyzing and interpreting your couples report giving you custom actionable steps and exercises to do as a couple.

*One Hour Coaching Session with Chris and Megan*

- A couples workbook with exercises on how to improve your growth areas.

- 2 additional one-on-one coaching sessions (3 Total)

As you're going through the course, we track progress and answer any questions you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! Having a coach is like having a personal trainer. Instead of working on body goals, you’ll set and meet marriage and family goals. If you feel overwhelmed or in roommate mode in your marriage Chris and Megan know the path and can guide you to success!

When you have someone in your corner who’s gone before you, you can glean from their wisdom and experience. Not only that, but you’re more likely to make your dreams a reality when your coach is helping you set goals, focus on what’s most important, and think through priorities while providing much-needed accountability along the way.

Once you purchase a coaching package  we will email you with some instructions. From there, we will schedule our first one hour zoom coaching session with you.

We (Chris and Megan) have been coaching couples for the past decade. They know what it's like to be in roommate mode and they use a scientific assessment and formula that will pinpoint what areas you a struggling in as a couple. From there, they will give you practical counsel and exercises to improve your areas of struggle and get you to re-discover "in love" feelings for each other again. If you are willing to implement what you learn you can and will have success. It's up to you.


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