A Proven Path For Taking Your Marriage Relationship From Roommates to Romance


Here's Every Secret, Trick, Tip, Hack, Wisdom And Advice, We've Learned,  About Marriage 

Hey There, 

Do you want to learn how to go from having a "live-in roommate" to enjoying a romantic and exhilarating life-long adventure?

Are you tired of fighting, bickering, and riding the up and down emotional roller coaster you're currently on?

Our marriage course is specifically designed to help couples get their relationship off the crazy cycle and rebuild a marriage that is full of romance, sexual fulfillment and adventure. 

It's Called:

The Make Love Work Master Class

How To Take Your Marriage From Roommates To Romance

A 6-module 25-video masterclasss with multiple discussion guides, couples projects and challenges instantly available upon purchase!

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It is possible for you to have a healthy, adventurous and romantic marriage. 


However, life tends to get in the way. Can you relate?

  • You get busy with work
  • The kids drain all of your energy
  • Bills are piling up
  • You feel disconnected
  • Your sex life is boring or infrequent
  • You don't feel respected
  • You don't feel cherished
  • You feel taken for granted

If that is where you find yourself, you are not alone. So many people want to have a thriving and healthy marriage, but they just don't know where to start.

So they stumble through books, blogs and podcasts. They end up wasting weeks, months, even years of time...and then they quit because they have no clue what they're doing!

But now, you don’t need to worry about that!

Because we produced "Make Love Work" to take away all the guesswork when it comes to having a healthy love that lasts a lifetime.

You're just one step away from learning our proven-process for communicating effectively, connecting daily, resolving conflict and pretty much anything else you can think of that will help take your marriage from roommates to romance...


 Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We, are Chris and Megan Rea

And we believe it is possible to have fun, adventure, and romance despite the busyness of life. 

It is possible to look at your spouse and feel "in love."

It is possible to feel that spark again. 

How do we know this? Because it happened to us.

Hi, I'm Megan and this is my story.

2 years into marriage I was done. 

We dated for 4 ½ years. Knew each other so well. We were high-school sweethearts for crying out loud! Could barely keep our hands off each other but…

2 short years later and we were just roommates. 

Marriage lost its luster.  It was the same old same old. Definitely not what I signed up for…

But I was much too ashamed to tell anyone. I was desperate to find love again…

But to find it with my husband, something had to change. And something did. 

Now we’re about a month from our 20th Anniversary. And want to know the truth? 

We’ve never been more in love. 

And no, we’re not “one of the lucky ones.” This marriage thing didn’t just "come easy” for us. 

We still get into random squabbles over grocery bills. We walked through infertility and statistically, shouldn’t even "be" together. 

But what we learned through that was pure gold. 

It saved our marriage and we’re so excited to share it with you! Not only did it save our marriage, but we feel "in love." Because we are so in love!

We get giddy when we see each other walk into a room. 

  • We feel connected more than we don't.
  • We feel "in love" more often than not. 
  • We want to be around each other more than any other person on the planet. 
  • We know how to get and give what we need to each other and from each other.

Friend, we have been where you are and that’s why we can 100% say, there is hope for your marriage!

You can go from roommates to romance again; it can even be better than before. 

You can Make Love Work!

That is the truth! It also is true, that it is not going to magically happen by accident. It's going to take some intentionality and investment. 

You are not going to just watch a few YouTube videos, listen to a couple of podcasts and instantly improve your marriage. 

It sure isn't going to happen by ignoring your marital issues. Unresolved tensions get worse the longer they are ignored not better. 

But don't worry, we will show you how to fix the issues that have been plaguing your marriage for years and your spouse will listen and thank you for it. 


Just Pause for a moment and imagine...


✔️Looking at your spouse and feeling love, admiration, and respect for them

✔️Feeling cherished

✔️Receiving tenderness instead of harshness

✔️Feeling appreciated instead of taken for granted

✔️Communicating about serious issues without it leading to a fight

✔️Laughing till your belly hurts with your spouse again 

✔️Having fun, romance and adventure on a regular basis 

✔️Feeling connected more often than disconnected

✔️Outdoing each other in romantic ways

✔️Having incredible sex on a regular basis

✔️Connecting Spiritually on a deep level

✔️Enjoying date night instead of "putting the time in" 


Sound too good to be true? It's not!

It is possible but it sure isn't going to happen by accident. 


Here's the Deal:

We've put all of our secrets, tips, tricks, wisdom, and philosophy on marriage into this 6 Module - 25 Video - Multiple Discussion Guide - Marriage Master Class.


You'll learn how to quickly move your marriage from roommates to romance and to prove it...


Here's a small taste of what you will discover inside. 


  • Most people don't understand what true love really is. Is it a feeling or a choice? Do I need to suck it up even though I don't feel anything anymore? Is that what marriage is all about? In Module One we show you scientifically how love begins in the brain and changes over time. Then, we'll teach you the secret to feeling "in love." 
  • Another major issue with marriage is this: men and women are different, but we expect the opposite sex to think alike and communicate the same way we do. This leads to fights, miscommunications and bitterness. In Module 2, we'll teach you how to effectively get what you want and need from your spouse in 15 minutes or less without raising your voice or causing a fight. 
  • How to fall back in love with your spouse. Do you ever listen to love songs on the radio and wish that you still felt that way towards your spouse? This module will teach you how to fall back in love again.
  • How to have great sex with your spouse tonight. That's right! Our course has an entire module designed to help you have incredible sex with your spouse on a regular basis. Did you know that 80%  of married couples admit to being bored with their sex life? We will give you the secrets to true intimacy and even detailed questions designed to spark an honest conversation that will lead to better and more frequent sex!
  • How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage. 50% of marriages end in messy divorces. We will give you the keys to having a healthy love that lasts an entire lifetime. 
  • How to feel Connected Pursued and Understood by your spouse. Where did the disconnect come from? Is it possible to get it back? Is it possible to be seen, heard, respected, admired, needed and wanted by your spouse again. It absolutely is and we will show you how in Module 6.

Here's What Makes This Course Different:

1. It's not just another Marriage Course. 

No offense to other marriage courses out there. The majority have some really valuable principles. However, this one is designed to do what most marriage courses say is impossible. That is, feel in love, connected and healthy more often than not.

That's what makes us different. We don't tell you to suck it up and just hang in there for the long haul. You won't hear us say "just die to yourself and suffer your way through marriage." Who wants that?


2. You'll learn how to feel in love with your spouse again.

We want you to be in love and feel in love! That is our goal. Don't misunderstand us, we understand marriage is a commitment and you can't always trust your feelings. However, we didn't sign up for marriage to have a friend, companion or roommate. We signed up to have a romantic adventure and you know you did too.





3. The goal is romance, sexual fulfillment, fun and adventure.

You'll learn how to have a romantic adventure with someone that takes you places you never thought were possible. 

We want you to thrive.

We want you to feel and act sexy towards each other.

We want you to want each other and want to be around each other. 



Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here's What Others Are Saying... 

Dave and Laura

"Man this is powerful stuff! You two are amazing. So engaging, fun, funny, and really good content! After watching only two videos we're already learning a ton and having way better conversations"

Mark and Allexandria

We have done marriage coaching and the course with Chris and Megan. After one session we are already noticing a difference in our marriage. You have inspired us to even renew our vows!"

Jake and Morgan

"Taking a marriage course started as a task on our to-do list, but with Chris and Megan it became something we looked forward to. They helped us reset a solid foundation of love, grace, and understanding in our marriage."

 As we said earlier, we've put ALL our secrets, strategies, hacks, tips, wisdom, and philosophy about marriage in this course...

It contains:


Everything You Need To Know To take your marriage from roommates to romance


And while we could easily charge $1500 or even $2000 dollars for this information we're not going to do that.

Because we want to help YOU achieve your dream marriage as we have.

Plus, we know it's hard when you're starting out...it takes faith and courage to do something like this!

That's why we are offering you this marriage course for only $97.  

"Ninety seven bucks to go from roommates to romance?!"

Yes. And it's a STEAL. 

Because it's not about the videos and typography...

It's about the VALUE of the INFORMATION inside!

This course is the result of several years and hundreds of hours of study, practice, and relationship coaching on our part...

That's handed to you on a silver platter!

And if you'll apply what's inside...there's absolutely NO TELLING how well you'll do...because taking your marriage from roommates to romance will be...

 The most empowering decision of your life.

It has been for us.


But Fair Warning
This course is NOT FOR EVERYONE.
  • If you’re looking for “a quick and easy fix” this isn’t for you.
  • If you aren't willing to invest time and money into your marriage this isn't for you.
  • If you're not willing to WORK and actually USE our training and coaching...please don't buy this package!
Here’s who it is for:
  • People who value their marriage and want to have something special.
  • Couples who are willing to be intentional and invest time and money into having a better marriage..
  • People who can implement what they learn into their marriage.
  • People who want to put in the hard work of building a healthy relational foundation to set their future up for success.

If this sounds like you then don't wait any longer buy this course today



For only $97 you'll get instant access for (30 days) to a potentially life-changing course that can help you build a marriage you have only been able to dream of up until this point.

As I said, we could have easily priced this training at $1500 or even $2000 because of how valuable it is. (And we may in the future...)

But you get instant access for only $97 Today!


Here's How it Works...

For the next 30 days you will have access to every module of our course. Every engaging and transformational Video! Every Strategic Discussion Guide! Every Creative Couples Project! 

You have full access for 30 days. If, at the end of the 30 days you want to keep the course for life and all future updates, the course and coaching program will be yours for 3 additional payments of $297 over a 3 month period of time.

We're practically giving away thousands of dollars of education and thousands of hours of study and practice for near nothing. 

You don't have anything to lose! If you don't want to keep the course just cancel anytime within the first 30 days by sending us an email to [email protected] and we will make sure you don't get charged another dime. 

But we think you'll find what 99 percent of people who've purchased our course and coaching program... It's worth the money and so much more!

This course will not only help you go from roommates to romance, from passionless to passionate, from loveless to in love, from stuck to unstuck, from wounded to whole it will also help you leave a healthy legacy to future generations.

That's right, if you have kids or plan on having them some day, you will change and transform the way they view marriage and create a healthy legacy for generations to come.

We've been SO incredibly blessed to learn this marriage model and it's our joy to share it with you!


Get the "Make Love Work" Marriage Master Class Today!

Only $97 For 30 Days

Then 3 additional payments of $297 if you want to keep the course along with all future updates for Life!

Cancel anytime within the first 30 days by sending an email to [email protected]