Do You to Want to Keep The Romance, Connection, and Passion in Your Marriage?


Do You and Your Spouse Want to...

✔️Feel love, admiration, and respect for each other

✔️Feel cherished

✔️Receive tenderness instead of harshness

✔️Feel appreciated instead of taken for granted

 ✔️Laugh till your belly hurts 

✔️Have fun, romance and adventure on a regular basis 

✔️Feel connected more often than disconnected

 ✔️Have incredible sex on a regular basis

✔️Enjoy date night instead of "putting the time in" 

It is Possible! 

But these things fade over time for most couples unless they are willing to do a few crucial things.


Hi, we're Chris & Megan


2 Years into marriage we started to grow apart and turn into roommates. We lost the Romance, Spark, and Passion in our Marriage. But we were able to pin point the problems and rediscover a passionate connection. 

We are here to help you discover the secrets of staying in love, keeping a powerful connection, passionate romance, and fresh adventure in your relationship. 

Here's the Problem

If you ignore or neglect your marriage it will fall apart.

That's why there is a 50 percent divorce rate in the U.S. and half of the couples that do stay together are miserable, stuck in roommate mode, or just sticking it out for the kids. Very few married couples feel like they're in a passionate and romantic relationship with their partner. 


Most People think love and marriage will come naturally to them and they stop learning, growing, and investing into their marriage.


Some people want to learn and grow but don't know where to start.
  • Marriage conferences can create a spike in your marriage but a lot of times you end up forgetting the information and revert back to the same issues. 
  • Marriage counseling can be helpful but one hour per week usually isn't enough to see lasting change. 
  • Books, and podcasts are great but usually only one person is getting the information.  


That's why we’ve developed a way to connect deeply, have more fun, adventure, passion and romance all while investing just 20 minutes per week and 27 dollars per month.  


Is that possible? We believe it is.  


It's called the Make love Work Membership Experience 

Here's How it Works

Each week, on the same day, you'll get:

  • One impactful marriage training video designed to help you:

    • Develop better communication and listening skills

    • Experience more fun and adventure together

    • Feel connected, understood, and pursued by your spouse

    • Have more romance, passion and sexual fulfillment

    • Live a life with less stress and more time for each other

  • You will also receive reflection questions

  • A couples challenge for the week


The best part is this, the video, and the reflection should take no more than 20 minutes to complete! Plus you will have a practical way to apply what you learned that week into your marriage. 


If you watch the video, do the reflection questions and apply the principle we guarantee you will feel more connected, have more fun, romance, and adventure in your marriage. And your sex life will drastically be upgraded. 


All in Just 20 Minutes per week!

And get this... the cost is only 27 dollars per month. 


Here’s what makes this program even better: You can cancel anytime. 

Say you do this for one month and you don’t think it works, all you have spent is 27 bucks. 

People spend more than that for two people to go to Chipotle together. 

You really have nothing to lose.


But what if it does work? 

This Program Will Help You Maintain and Upgrade...

It's Possible But It Isn't Just Going To Come Naturally

 It Takes Intentionality

People who have happy, healthy, and sexy marriages are intentional about it.

They work at it, they’ve developed a high emotional IQ with their spouse, and they don’t expect things to just come naturally to them.

Because naturally we are selfish and self centered people. 


It Takes Investment

People invest time and money every single day into things they are passionate about.

Golf equipment, fishing, makeup, skin care products, etc. 

Our marriages need an investment of time and money as well.

Can you invest 20 minutes a week and 27 dollars a month to have a marriage most people only dream about? 


It Takes Implementation

If you don’t implement what you learn in life you never change you just have more knowledge of something.

Information plus implementation leads to transformation. 

If you’re not willing to invest a little time and money into your marriage this product is not for you.   

If this Sound like you then don't wait any longer to join the Make Love Work Membership Experience.

Become a Member Today 

 You'll get instant access to a program that will help you maintain and upgrade your marriage relationship! 


Make Love Work Membership Experience


You'll Get

  • Weekly Impactful Video
  • Weekly Reflection Questions
  • A Weekly Couples Challenge




Or Get Two Months Free When You Pay For One Year